14-Day Kick Starter Program
2 Weeks Of Delicious Meal Plans To Set You Up 
For Successful Fat Loss.
Without Deprivation Or Calorie Counting
A Kick Start Into A Simple Way Of Eating For Women 
Who Just Want To Lose It
& Keep It Off.
Take A Look At What's Included In The 14-Day Kick Starter
Kick Starter Overview
A step by step manual to guide you through the 14-Day Kick Starter so you know exactly how to use the meal plans. 
Kick Starter Meal Plans
14-Days of done-for-you meal plans. Calorie counting, deprivation & crazy carb cravings are NOT INCLUDED.
Kick Starter Recipes
Using real food that you get a the grocery store and is family friendly. 
No more sad little salads or boring rice cakes.
I'll add an additional 14 easy snack ideas to keep you happy and satisfied at all times. 
Get a step-by-step meal planning guide to make life easier for you
As an added bonus, I'll add an additional 14 easy snack ideas to keep you happy and satisfied at all times. 
If you've struggled to lose fat and keep it off, let me tell you right now that it's NOT your fault. 
Dieting has been setting you up to fail because:
  • You can’t lose if your blood sugar's a mess, your hormones are completely out of whack and your body is holding on to EVERY SINGLE POUND.  NO MATTER HOW LITTLE YOU EAT.
  • The LESS you eat the SLOWER your metabolism gets and the MORE you crave unhealthy junk foods.
  • It’s not a case of willpower. Willpower will NEVER win against blood sugar and hormones (if only I knew that a few years back…). 
  • Trying to fight the body's biology is why diets fail. It’s not you. It’s not your lack of commitment or willpower. It’s the food that you’ve been told to eat and the way that you’re eating it.

Until Now. Know Exactly What To Eat & When To Eat It.
No Confusion. No Deprivation. Just Real Food For Real Results.

  • 14 days of delicious meal plans
  •  14 snack options
  •  Knowing exactly what to eat 
  •  Knowing exactly how to get started
The 14-Day Kick Starter
Is Yours For Only 
$89 $27 

The Kick Starter 
Is Perfect For You If:
  • You can't seem to get rid of the extra pounds even though you eat small portions and exercise. 
  •  Cravings are getting in the way of your weight loss efforts.
  •  You struggle to keep it off.
  •  You're sick of all the dieting B.S. out there and ready to try the real deal.
  •  You're always hungry and don't know what to eat to lose weight.

The Kick Starter 
Isn't For You If:
  • You enjoy depriving yourself and don't mind dieting OR you already know exactly how to eat to feel vibrant & well (and your weight is exactly where you want it).
  •  You have medical issues that prevent you from changing the way you eat (of course you should consult your health practitioner before starting ANY new diet or exercise regime). 
  •  You’re vegan (the meal plans are not specifically designed for vegans).

Hi, I’m Natalie. It's so lovely to meet you!

As a recovered sugar addict and a Board Certified Nutrition Coach, I teach women a simple way of eating that does not involve counting calories or giving up chocolate 🍫
The 14-Day Kick Starter
Is Yours For Only  USD $89  $27
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