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Welcome to Natalie's Nutrition!

Hi, I’m Natalie and I’m a Holistic Nutritionist and Founder of Natalie’s Nutrition where I help women that have tried to lose weight over and over again a simple way of eating that eliminates cravings and doesn’t involve starvation or giving up chocolate (because what would the world be without chocolate?!?!?).  
My mission is something I am very passionate about: I want to teach you a simple and delicious way of eating that puts a stop to carb cravings and will set you up for long-term fat loss - no willpower required.
When I started my career as a Holistic Nutritionist I thought that it was my duty to get everyone to eat local, organic and seasonal food to reach optimum health and happiness.

Although this is a nice goal to have for one’s health, the reality is that a lot of people have much greater foundational problems to deal with first. Physiological problems like cravings, hormones imbalances and weight management.
I couldn’t turn a blind eye to it, especially not after the knowledge I had acquired at school and seeing all the ‘fluff’ that is being taught out there to ‘solve’ the problems. Unrealistic things like using more willpower, counting calories and eating a super restrictive diets (ouch!).
That’s no fun and guess what? It doesn’t even work that way! Years of research, trial and error, working with clients and real life experience (i.e. being my own guinea pig) have taught me that and you’ve seen it for yourself because you’ve tried every diet that’s ever been taught (am I right?).
There’s a smarter way of losing fat, ending cravings and seeing lasting results. Teaching this Smarter Fat Loss System to you without the need to give up chocolate is my mission. Because who wants to count calories for the rest of their life?
Now that we’ve covered what Natalie’s Nutrition does, I’ll tell you a little more about Natalie McCrae.

When I don’t have my nose stuck in nutrition books and articles you can usually find me in my living room eating chocolate, cooking in the kitchen (and eating chocolate), snuggling my two cats or spending time in nature with my man.

Want to know more? Here are some fun facts to entertain you:

→ I'm a recovered sugar addict 🍫🍭🍪🍦
→ Gummy bears were (are) my nemesis 🙈
→ I have 2 cats 🐈 and own a cat stroller (you’re allowed to laugh) 😂
→ I’m lazy by nature and don’t like going to the gym, nature is my favourite playground 🌳😃
→ I'm a code red introvert, but always LOVE hearing from my followers and clients, so never be shy to drop me a line! 🚨📝

Interested in learning more about what I do, but don’t know where to get started? 
Download my guide to Conquer Carb Cravings in just 3 days. It’s free and life changing if cravings are your biggest obstacle and you don't know where to get started on your journey to lasting weight loss.

I don't believe in all or nothing. Instead I encourage clients to take lasting baby steps that will help them thrive long term. You'll be amazed how small changes can have such lasting and transforming effects on your health. You'll rediscover that energetic, vibrant side of you you thought you'd lost. 

It's still there, we just need to do a little cleanup to let it shine again!

​Drop me a line. Simply click on the button below and let me know what's on your mind!
1% of sales generated by Natalie's Nutrition is donated to the Vietnam Education Society, a non-profit that provides education to children in the most rural areas of Vietnam and helps put a stop to human trafficking along its boarders. 

Find out more about VES and the amazing work they do by clicking here.

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